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Three Tier Colour

What’s included in a Copier Service Contract?

Most copier service contracts include toner, maintenance & repairs, and anything else that isn’t paper (or staples if you have a finisher). It’s designed to be hassle-free and to allow you to focus on your business and not maintaining a device in your office (or becoming an expert in troubleshooting issues!). Traditionally, this is done on a cost per copy basis, one cost for monochrome and one cost for a colour copy. With Kyocera, we have a distinct, industry unique advantage. It's called Three Tier Colour and here's how it works.

The machine will examine each printed page’s colour toner usage and place it in one of three categories:

  1. Low colour coverage at 1/3 the cost of a full colour copy.
  2. Medium colour coverage at 2/3 the cost of a full colour copy.
  3. Full colour coverage at full colour copy price.

The end result are substantial savings to the customer. 

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